Benefits of Two-Phase Treatment

Dr. Glass July 20, 2023
Dr. Glass and our team are committed to helping you understand orthodontic care, so we want to share some benefits of two-phase treatment.

Glass Orthodontics is your trusted orthodontic practice serving Daphne, Bay Minette, Atmore, and Brewton. Dr. Glass and our dedicated team are committed to helping you understand orthodontic care, empowering you and your family to make informed decisions about your oral health. Some of the most common questions are from concerned parents. We get that; many of us are parents too. 

For some of our patients, the doctor recommends two-phase orthodontic treatment. This unique approach to orthodontic care can be a game-changer for children who need early intervention. But what exactly does it involve? And how can it make a difference in your child’s smile and oral health? 

Defining Two-Phase Treatment In Simple Terms

At Glass Orthodontics, we believe in providing comprehensive care that addresses your child’s immediate orthodontic needs and gives them long-term oral health. One approach we sometimes use is two-phase orthodontic treatment. But what exactly does this mean, and why might your child need it? Let’s explore it together!

The two-phase treatment combines straightening your child’s teeth while influencing their jaw growth. The primary purpose is to ensure a healthy, functional, and aesthetically pleasing result that will last a lifetime.

Divided into two parts, phase one begins while many primary teeth (think “baby” teeth) remain in the mouth. This phase aims to address significant problems early, preventing them from becoming more severe and harder to correct in the future. This first phase could involve guiding the growth of the jaw, creating more space for crowded teeth, or correcting oral habits that may lead to future issues.

Next, the doctors recommend a resting period. Your child’s remaining permanent teeth can erupt naturally during the resting period. After that, we move on to Phase Two. This phase usually involves full braces or clear aligners. The focus here is on verifying that each of your child’s teeth is growing in the right place in their mouth. Having teeth in their correct positions balances them with the lips, cheeks, and tongue to create a shining, attractive smile. The doctors might talk about “facial symmetry” or “asymmetry.” If you hear those words, now you know what they mean!

By addressing orthodontic issues in two stages, we can often achieve results that are aesthetically pleasing but also stable and long-lasting. This approach allows Dr. Glass and our team to make the most of your child’s growth and development to improve their oral health.

Dr. Glass and our team are committed to helping you understand orthodontic care, so we want to share some benefits of two-phase treatment.

What Advantages Does Two-Phase Treatment Offer?

Two-phase treatment offers several advantages, making it a practical approach for many of our young patients at Glass Orthodontics. Here are some of the key benefits:

Two-phase treatment allows us to harness your child’s natural growth and development to achieve the best possible results. By intervening early, we can guide the jaw’s growth, correct harmful oral habits, and create space for crowded teeth. This proactive approach often leads to a more balanced and functional bite and a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Early intervention can prevent minor issues from becoming worse problems in the future. By addressing significant problems early, we can often reduce the need for more invasive treatments later, such as tooth extractions or surgical procedures.

By addressing some issues as soon as possible, we can often reduce the time your child will need to wear full braces during their teen years. This treatment can be an essential advantage for many young patients who are conscious of their appearance.

Early treatment can also positively impact your child’s self-esteem. By addressing aesthetic concerns earlier, we can help your child feel more confident about their smile during their formative years.

At Glass Orthodontics, we believe that every child deserves a dazzling smile. Two-phase treatment is one of our many tools to make this a reality. By customizing our approach to each child’s unique needs, we can ensure the best possible outcome for their oral health and self-confidence.

Who Does Two-Phase Treatment Work Best For?

Orthodontists typically recommend two-phase treatment for children who exhibit specific orthodontic issues early. According to The American Association of Orthodontists, this is usually around ages 7 to 10. These issues might include crossbites, severe crowding, or protruding front teeth. Early intervention can help with jaw growth, manage the space for incoming permanent teeth, and reduce the risk of injury to the front teeth.

However, it’s important to note that not every child will need two-phase treatment. At Glass Orthodontics, we understand that each child is unique, and their orthodontic needs will be too. Dr. Glass evaluates each child’s needs individually to determine the most effective treatment plan. What is the best way to determine if your child could benefit from two-phase treatment? Schedule a consultation with us. As helpful as our blogs are, they’re no substitute for an expert eye! 

Dr. Glass and our team are committed to helping you understand orthodontic care, so we want to share some benefits of two-phase treatment.

How To Plan For Two-Phase Treatment

During Phase One of the two-phase treatment, our focus is on guiding your child’s jaw growth and creating conditions for the future alignment of permanent teeth. This phase usually involves using specific orthodontic appliances and lasts about 6-12 months. 

After this, there’s a rest period where the remaining permanent teeth can erupt naturally. This rest period is a crucial part of the treatment, as it allows the jaw to develop fully and makes the second treatment phase more effective.

Phase Two typically entails clear or metal braces. Usually, it lasts an average of a year or two. During this phase, we double-check that each tooth is in the right place in the mouth. When your child’s teeth are in the right spot, it balances the rest of their face. If the doctors talk with you about your child’s “facial symmetry,” this is what they mean. 

Tip-Top Two-Phase Treatment With Glass Orthodontics

At Glass Orthodontics, Dr. Glass and our team are dedicated to creating beautiful smiles in Daphne, Bay Minette, Atmore, and Brewton. If you’re curious about the benefits of two-phase treatment for your child, don’t hesitate. Schedule a free consultation with us today, and let’s start their journey toward a healthier, happier smile together.