The Benefits of Seeing an Orthodontist In Your Local Community

Dr. Glass March 6, 2023

Looking for an orthodontist in Bay Minette or Brewton? You’re looking for Glass Orthodontics. Dr. Glass and our expert teams can show you the benefits of seeing an orthodontist in your local community. 

Develop Familiarity

One problem with a corporately-owned orthodontic office is that you feel like a number. The machinery of that environment doesn’t lend itself well to building relationships. Each time you go in for an appointment, you see someone new. We’ve discovered that many patients feel anxiety in that kind of environment. 

Letting a stranger handle your smile can feel daunting, especially if you see someone new every visit. But Dr. Glass intends to know every patient’s face. Our entire staff remembers each patient on a “first smile basis.” For that reason, seeing a local orthodontist helps uncomfortable patients feel at ease. We promise you’ll see familiar faces if you consider us as your Bay Minette and Brewton orthodontist. 

Expert Input

Some options, like mail-order orthodontics, promise you ease and efficiency. You’re exchanging seasoned, practical expertise for convenience and cost. A mail-order plan gives you no access to a professional orthodontist. The mail-order approach attempts to solve a problem by using an assembly line. At Glass Orthodontics, you get attention from an actual orthodontist.

Dr. Glass has enough experience to provide you with a specific treatment plan. At Glass Orthodontics, we establish what your needs are. Then, we implement a treatment plan. With the data we uncover during your in-office visit, and X-rays of your jaw, we can make a customized treatment protocol just for you.

Find (& Fix) Problems Sooner

Most people are aware that they need to brush and floss their teeth. However, we recommend in-person visits to detect issues early. Some problems brushing and flossing alone cannot solve. Therefore, another benefit of in-office orthodontics care is early detection. Detecting an apparently small tooth problem today can prevent it from getting out of control tomorrow. Some patients require more in-depth treatment than others. You might be surprised at just how quickly orthodontic problems can get out of control. Fortunately, Glass Orthodontics is a Bay Minette and Brewton-focused office capable of early detection. 

Kids, Moms, and Dads 

Forgive the cliche, but Glass Orthodontics is a family. But beyond our work family, we also have individual families. We’re moms and dads just like you. So we understand the daily grind of work, school, homework, extracurricular activities, and family time. That’s why we’re proud to serve patients of all ages. That’s right! Our patients range in age from single digits all the way to triple digits! You might as well book one for each household member when you book an appointment.  Because at our locations, we want to see all the smiles – regardless of their age. 

The Benefits of Seeing an Orthodontist In Your Local Community

Orthodontic Options

No two smiles are exactly alike. So, none of the treatment plans we design will be exactly alike. Dr. Glass will determine the particulars of your plan. Below are a few braces options the doctors might discuss with you. 

Metal Braces

This is most people’s image when they think of “braces.” They’ve earned something of a stigma over the years, but Glass Orthodontics intends to change that. Modern metal braces have lighter wires and sleeker brackets. For you, this means less pain and irritation. Our braces are compact and comfortable. A major advantage of metal braces is that they can shorten your treatment duration. 


What if you had braces that you could remove whenever you wanted (within Dr. Glass’s guidance, of course)? Our team uses clear, lightweight plastic aligners by Invisalign®. They offer the wearer much more comfort and convenience than conventional braces. Generally, you’ll wear your aligner for 12-15 months and you’ll use between 36 and 48 sets. We recommend keeping the aligner on for 22 hours a day. 

Clear Braces

You may also hear clear braces referred to as ceramic, tooth-colored, or aesthetic. This is because they are designed to blend in with the teeth. Clear braces empower you to continue your daily routine without fretting about your appearance. They are more discreet and less obvious than metal braces. 

Jaw Surgery

Seeing an orthodontist in your community can help you identify problems with your bite. 

Braces alone might not get the job done to Dr. Glass’ satisfaction. Some patients need other options. Dr. Glass might suggest surgery if braces cannot correct your bite. If that’s the case, Dr. Glass will discuss the particulars with you to determine what is best. 

Sleep Apnea

Do you ever snore yourself awake at night? Or maybe wake up with a dry, sore throat? If so, you might suffer from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea happens any time your breathing is interrupted during sleep. A variety of factors contribute to sleep apnea, including genetics, lifestyle choices, smoking, etc. Orthodontic intervention at Glass Orthodontics goes well beyond teeth. We care about your sleep, too. 

The Benefits of Seeing an Orthodontist In Your Local Community

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