What Can I Eat With Braces

Atmore, Daphne, Bay Minette, and Brewton residents wonder, “What can I eat with braces?” You’re not alone. We hear this question all the time at Glass Orthodontics. Dr. Glass wants you to enjoy your braces, and while there are some food sacrifices, you can still enjoy plenty of delicious meals. So, let’s dive deeper into Read More

Clear Aligners for Teens

Glass Orthodontics cares for teen patients all across Daphne, Bay Minette, Atmore, and Brewton. Believe it or not, we were teenagers once too. We’re well aware of the pressure and stress that go along with being a teenager. But one concern teens in our communities shouldn’t have is their smiles. Nobody wants to have bulky Read More

The Benefits of Seeing an Orthodontist In Your Local Community

Looking for an orthodontist in Bay Minette or Brewton? You’re looking for Glass Orthodontics. Dr. Glass and our expert teams can show you the benefits of seeing an orthodontist in your local community.  Develop Familiarity One problem with a corporately-owned orthodontic office is that you feel like a number. The machinery of that environment doesn’t Read More

Why Cleaning and Caring For a Retainer is Important

At Glass Orthodontics, we know that getting your braces off or finishing your last set of clear aligners is the day you have been waiting for since your first appointment! You’ve sacrificed a lot for this day to come. You gave up some of your favorite foods, suffered through some discomfort, and maybe even felt Read More

How To Fix Your Bite With Orthodontics

When it comes to oral health, having a proper bite is essential. Not only does it affect the appearance of your smile, but it also plays a crucial role in your overall oral function. Orthodontics is one of the most effective ways to correct bite issues and achieve a healthy smile. This blog post will Read More

4 Reasons to get Adult Braces

Have you been considering getting braces for a long time, but haven’t taken the plunge? What is holding you back? At Glass Orthodontics, we’ve heard every possible reason why our adult patients have spent years avoiding braces. We think it’s high time to list the reasons why you should get them!  Dr. Glass has been Read More

How Can Orthodontics Fix My Bite

First thing first – your “bite” refers to how your upper and lower teeth meet inside the mouth. While there are those lucky few in whom bite problems are entirely absent, most of us need a little help in that department. A malocclusion or “bad bite” occurs when the upper and lower teeth don’t come Read More

The Top Myths About Braces

You’ve heard all the top myths about braces, but is there any truth to all that talk? You’ve likely only gotten the worst possible stories about the metal apparatuses of old and, like a game of telephone, the legends grow with each report. At Glass Orthodontics, we believe an informed patient will have the most Read More

The Different Types of Braces

When it comes to straightening your smile, there are many different types of braces. In the not-so-distant past, your options were pretty limited to bulky, uncomfortable metal braces, but we’re proud to say a lot has changed over the years. While metal braces are still the most durable and efficient option, they have become a Read More

When Do Your Braces Come Off?

The smile reveal is more than just getting your braces off; it can be the end of an era and the beginning of a whole new you. At the beginning of the process, your excitement over the possibilities and imagining your new life of shiny, straight smiles is enough to make the results seem not Read More